Professional Construction Services (PCS) was established in 2003 and it is providing comprihensive construction services with continues and matchless quality end products. Our ability to deliver on our commitments is evident in our exceptional level of repeat business. We always strive to achieve high standards of quality construction at most competitive rates by enforcing quality control measures, cost effective methods and proper use of latest tools and technologies. PCS is self sufficient in all kinds of machinery, tools, equipment and skilled manpower required, to successfully execute large projects within the committed time period.

Legal Status Private Limited Company
Address 301-A, Block-R Johar Town Lahore-Pakistan
Tel / Fax +92-042-35956170,80
Web Site
Established Year 2003
Banks Silk Bank & Faisal Bank .
ISO Certification QRS  ISO-9001-2008 Certified
Registrations Pakistan Engineering Council The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Auditors Arshad Raheem & Co. (Chartered Accountants)
Tax Consultants Yousaf Islam Associates (Tax & Corporate Consultants)

Professional Construction Service’s core values represent where we are, how we treat each other, how we deal with our customers, how we respond to our stackholders, how we hold each other and ourselves accountable. It is a standard behaviour by which we conduct business. These values are the heart, soul and character of PCS. This is the lagacy we will leave for generations to come.

The following eight ethical core values represent the cornerstone of our code of conduct. While achieving these high standards, they may be difficult to attain but certainly not impossible, we aspire to lead our lives and conduct our business with:

– Only make realistics commitements and follow-through on the commitments you make.
– Be prompt and responsive in business dealings within and outside the company.

– Be truthful, accurate and straightforward.
– Be candid and non-deceptive in communication and conduct.

– Maintain consistency between your beliefs and your behavior-walk your talk:
– Have the courage to contend the boldly for that which is right and reject firmly that which is wrong.

– Endeavor to be reasonable, open-minded, impartial, even-handed and non-discriminatory in all your dealings.
– Maintain without deviation, an attitude of sincerity, tolerance, consideration, and assistance towards others, regardless of position.

– Accept responsibility for your own actions or inactions and for those whom you supervise.
– Promote coherent teamwork by holding each other accountable.

– Respect the dignity, rights, safety, and opinions of others.
– Try to be a part of solution not a problem.

– Build Capabilities through continuous learning and coaching.
– Remain flexible and open to possibilities.

– Comply with all governmental laws, rules and regulations.
– Show consideration for the safety and welfare of every one including our natural environment.

PCS aims to deliver matchless and value adding construction services for all of our clients to fulfil their needs and aspirations.

We strive to achieve high standards of quality by enforcing quality control measures, cost effective methods, proper use of latest tools and technologies.

We are – Growing day by day.

We are – Improving day by day.

We believe that the prevention of accidents is both our moral obligation and good business. We recognize that the protection of our employees, the public and the environment, are essential for the success of every construction project, we undertake. We are making efforts to achieve goal of ZERO ACCIDENTS.

PCS always hits the bull’s eye on quality, on budget, on time, every time.

(PCS) has the people, equipment, construction materials,
experience, and bonding capacity to complete
any project on budget, on time, every time.