PCS  is self sufficient is all kinds of  machinery, tools, equipment and skilled man power, required to successfully execute large projects within the committed time frame.

Tools / MachineryQuantityUnit
Concrete Mixer Machines4Nos
Concrete Lift Machines (Hosits)4Nos
Pedestal Drill Machine1Nos
Diesel Generator Sets3Nos
De Watering Sets2Nos
Welding Sets 3Nos
Chain Blocks2Nos
Bench Saw2Nos
Slab Lifting Jacks8Nos
Scaffolding Pipes with Jacks40000Rft
Water Proof Ply Shuttering 10000 Sft
Steel Shuttering Plates 30000Sft

Tools / Equipment QuantityUnit
Plate Comapacters 3Nos.
Hammer Compacters 2Nos.
Concrete Testing Machine 1No.
Concrete Test Hammers1No.
Concrete Easy Screed1No.
Tempered Steel Blade Float1No.
Concrete Vibrators 10 Nos.
Theodolite Digital (Lazer) 1 No.
Theodolite Digital 1 No.
Auto Levels2Nos.
Lazer Floor Level 1 No.
Metal Detector (Hilti) 1 No.
Manual Dispenser 1 No.
Fire Extinguishers 10 Nos.
Drill Machines (Hilti) 6
9" Grinders (Hilti) 4 Nos.
4" Grinders (Hilti) 4 Nos.

Tools / Transport QuantityUnit
Cheverlet Optra Car1No.
Mitsubishi Lahcer Car1No.
Hyundai Santro Car1No.
Suzuki Alto Car1No.
Shahzor Truck1No.
ISUZU Truck1No.
Motorcycles 6 Nos.